Professional Shoe Trends for Spring 2015

Ah, shoes! What woman doesn’t love them? I mean, no matter what they always fit, right? I’d like to share a little secret with you. Even though I’ve always been into fashion, before I started my business as a Denver image consultant and stylist, I was super practical with my shoes. There were many self-imposed rules. For example, one pair in a color was enough. And I had limits for how much I would spend on any pair of shoes. (I’m not recommending throwing your budget out the window, but I was a little ridiculous about it.) Then one day [..] read more

How to break the rules

In my chapter in my book, Image Power, I give the wardrobe advice that you should only buy complete outfits, unless you know you’ve got something to go with a single item you’re contemplating; however, when you’re traveling and you’re on a spur of the moment shopping trip, it can be hard to remember what you’ve got at home.  Here are a couple of ways you can break my rule when you’re traveling: Buy an accessory you love that remind you of the locale. Chances are really good that if you find an accessory that has you drooling, you’ve got [..] read more

Comfortable, Professional Spring Shoe Trends

Would you? Could you wear these shoes? Not me! As an image and wardrobe consultant in my busiest season, I am on my feet in closets and stores all day long. Comfortable shoes have never been more paramount to me. Quite honestly, a good majority (um, like 99%) of my clients also tell me they want comfortable, stylish, professional looking shoes to be part of their ideal wardrobes. Great news! This is the spring for comfortable shoes! It’s also the spring for professional shoes, meaning really great sandals that are office appropriate. Although heels will never be out, flats and [..] read more

Decisions that impact your polished, professional image

When potential clients contact me, curious to learn more about up-leveling their wardrobes, usually it’s something they’ve been thinking about for a LONG time. As women we have such a tendency to put ourselves on the back burner! And when it comes to your wardrobe, you can put changing your style on the back burner, but since you have to get dressed every day it’ll be back there whistling away, annoying and frustrating you until you pick up the “kettle” and take actions steps toward the results you want. The first step in creating a wardrobe that’s easy for you [..] read more