2 Easy Closet Editing and Shopping Tips

Yesterday, a friend of mine from out of state mentioned she’d spent all weekend on a her closet edit and that she had loads of things going out. Then she mentioned she was going to start using the backward hanger technique to keep her closet from getting crazy like that again. Do you know the backwards hanger technique? At the beginning of the spring or fall season or after you have edited your closet, you hang all of your hangers backwards, (where the hook is on the back side of the bar.) Then when you wear an item, you turn [..] read more

11 Wardrobe Basics to Upgrade Your Personal Style

Before I started my business, I didn’t pay any attention to wardrobe basics. As a matter of fact, I actually learned the term when I took my first image consulting training. I don’t think I had many, if any essentials other than black pants and blue jeans. What I did have was a jam packed closet with a lot of clothes I didn’t wear. A few things were quality, but most weren’t because I couldn’t afford it since I was buying so often. So what are wardrobe basics? These are the pieces that you can wear with almost anything. They [..] read more

How to wear a tricky spring trend

I am really loving the new* trend for spring, wearing a dress or skirt over pants. Before you run away, hear me out. Even if this trend isn’t right for your office, (i.e. law, financial planning, CPA, any conservative environments) it can be a great way to combat our crazy weather, i.e. hot-cold-hot…, for creative fields and casual offices. If it’s not right for you for work, it’s a perfect look for a busy weekend filled with various activities. What’s beautiful about this trend is that you’re able to layer and dress warmly for the morning and when the weather [..] read more

How to Dress for Valentine’s Day if…

Since February 14 will be here before you know it, I thought I’d give you some ideas for how you can dress for the day  of love whether you’re going to work; have a date with your sweetie or a  new hottie; or are having a “We hate Valentine’s Day” party with your single friends! No matter what, if you follow these tips to create your outfit for the day, you’ll look and feel amazing. Here’s what to wear for Valentine’s Day if: You want to look a little “Valentiney” at work: Subtle is your key word! Do you have [..] read more

5 Outfit Ideas for a Professional Valentine’s Day Look

Valentine’s Day is almost here! I love dressing up for work even though this year it’s on Saturday…So if you like dressing for it, start planning now for Friday the 13th. Yikes, we better wear pink and red to ward off the bad luck that day, right? Even if you’re not superstitious, dressing in colors of the love holiday can brighten your spirits. Today, I want to give you some ideas for color combinations you might already have in your closet and never thought of wearing. First, tomato red and blush pink makes a much unexpected color combination. I’m seeing [..] read more