Who Will Show Up to Your Next Meeting?

Who will show up to your next meeting? Of course, you will, but will you be there as the best version of yourself? There’s no question that your inner self will be on her best game. But what about your outer self or your visual image? Do your clothing, hair and make-up reflect who you really are? When your inner self and your outer image don’t match, there’s a real disconnect. You may confuse your audience, and even though everything seems to be going fine, chances are extremely good that you’re simply not being as effective as absolutely possible. Your [..] read more

Denver Image and Wardrobe Consultant video revealed

As an image consultant, wardrobe consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper, I know that taking the plunge and making the call might be intimidating. Check out my video below to learn all about my personal style philosophies and how I can help you with closet audits or edits, style assessments, personal shopping and more. I’d love to meet you!

Is Your Image Red Carpet Ready?

Last night was the big night for all in the movie biz…the Oscars…the Red Carpet! It got me thinking that the anticipation of such a big night with so many viewers and so many cameras could be especially stressful. And then I pondered just a bit more…While most of us don’t have the paparazzi lurking around, there are plenty of eyes on us each day. Our bosses, co-workers, business partners and clients are all seeing us every day. Just like the public is judging the stars, these people are forming impression of us based on our image. And the way [..] read more