Lace for Professional Dress

Lace is currently a huge trend, but really it’s nothing new.  I first wrote about lace in the e-Style Tip of the Month for fall of 2008; however, because I focus on professional style, I’ve never really spent too much time on it. Personally, I love the look of lace, but I’ll admit it is hard to pull off in the business environment…until now! Even though summer has barely begun, in the fashion world the collections for fall 2011 have been ready for months. (Crazy, right?!) For fall 2011, Jason Wu has done an amazing job incorporating beautiful lace into [..] read more

A Fabulous Color Scheme

I absolutely love light blue with red!  When I first spied the combination on a mannequin in the window of Garbarini, it was too early in the season to start thinking about it. (And if you read my blog post about red jeans, you might be interested to know I haven’t found them yet. Really need to get on that!) Now I’m inspired! Usually when we think of light blue clothing, we’re thinking of pastels, a bit grandmotherly. Most of my clients make note on their personal  style homework that they dislike pastels; however this jacket shown, although pastel, is [..] read more

Hoops: my go-to accessory

Hoop earrings are one of my go-to accessories. Personal style aside, as an image consultant, I recommend them as one of my “top 10 essential wardrobe items.” Like most of the other items I endorse when building a core wardrobe, hoops are basic. They can be worn with dressy or casual clothing. Mostly I love said hoops because they don’t detract from my interesting, statement necklaces. There was a time when the fashion of the day called for matching earrings and necklace set, but currently the matching look is passé. Instead of searching my jewelry wardrobe for a pair of [..] read more