Summer Neutrals, How to Wear Them

Perhaps you’ve been reading my blog posts and e-Style Tips lately about this spring’s trend of bright colors, and you’ve thinking “that is not for me.” You want to be stylish, but you simply don’t want your clothes to scream “look at me!”  Well, you’re in luck.  Summer neutrals such as white, ivory, beige, light gray, mocha, and khaki are just as “in” as the brights you’ve been reading about. While bright colors can be over powering and garish, neutrals stand the chance of being a little boring. Here’s how to wear neutral colors for a sophisticated, interesting image. Texture. [..] read more

What to Wear on a Snowy, Spring Day

You’re familiar with this scenario. The weather forecast calls for 65º and sunny. Your new spring outfit complete with accessories is steamed and ready to go for tomorrow. Then you wake up to cloudy skies and SNOW! Panic attack! What are you going to wear? Never underestimate the power of mid-weight basics in neutral colors. Also consider a few garments such as jackets or sweaters in mid-weight to slightly warmer fabrics in bright colors. It’s a great way to keep your sunny, spring outlook without freezing. Yes, this situation is fresh in my mind, because it’s exactly what happened last [..] read more

Plan for Stress Free Packing

Here’s how my husband packs for a trip. He opens his armoire doors. Then he stops to think about how long we’re going to be gone and the weather. (I know what he’s thinking because he usually says it out loud as if I have time to listen while I’m packing.) For example, if we’re going to Vail skiing for 3 days, 2 nights, he grabs 1 pair of jeans, 2 sweaters, 2 white t-shirts and of course the appropriate number of socks and underwear. He doesn’t contemplate the extra “just in case” outfit, what accessories to take or what [..] read more

Lovin’ Red Jeans!

As a nod to the resurgence of seventies fashion, colorful pants are back in style. And with so much colored clothing to choose from, why not pants. The key to a modern look  is to let the red, blue, green or whatever color your heart desires pants be the star of your outfit. In other words, keep your top fairly neutral and quiet. Wearing any type of colorful top with bright bottoms can lead to a romper room type look. I am dying for a pair of red skinny jeans that I just haven’t shopped for yet. I’m planning on [..] read more