Six Tips for Building an Effective Speaking Image

Whether you’re speaking to six people in a conference room or 600 in an auditorium, you want all eyes on you. I’m mean, let’s face it you’re not up there for your health! Here are just a few tips to help you create a compelling, engaging image. 1. Do be physically comfortable. As a speaker you need to be able to move around and make gestures with ease. 2. Don’t wear anything distracting. Eyeglasses should have an anti-reflective coating. Avoid loud jewelry and ties, overly ornamental belt buckles and most of all, long dangling earrings. Your goal is to draw [..] read more

Fall fashion stress

While my tag line is “I help take the stress out of getting dressed,” please don’t think for a minute that I never encounter any stress in my wardrobe. I’ve been super busy and having fun helping clients organize their closets and buying new clothes. It’s exciting seeing a wardrobe transform. And now after finally having a few minutes on Sunday to swap out my spring/summer closet into fall/winter, I’m excited to make some changes to my own wardrobe. My stress lies in the fact that my tendinitis is still bugging me, and most of my clothes need to be [..] read more

Steam Away Stress

A topic that has come up a lot lately with clients and friends is clothing maintenance. The very best piece of advice I can give is that your clothes don’t need to be dry cleaned nearly as often as you think. Too frequent dry cleaning will destroy your clothes, not to mention the expense and hassle of the dry cleaner. The very best tool for maintaining your clothing is a Jiffy Steamer. Certainly blouses may need to be cleaned after each wearing, but business slacks, skirts, and jackets do not. After wearing these items, check them for spots, and then [..] read more

How to wear fall’s stripes

Recently I received an e-mail stating, “Nautical stripes aren’t just for spring. This time of year, the Sailor Tee is the perfect first layer. Wear it like you would a camisole.” My advice? Proceed with caution! I like the idea of nautical stripes for fall, horizontal stripes can be quite tricky. Horizontal stripes often get a bad rap, but all stripes are not created equally. The following are a few tips to help you navigate your way around stripes: Medium width, horizontal stripes like those shown (top) will work best for someone who is average height or taller who would [..] read more