Little White Dress

I have been touting white all season now, and I absolutely love the “Little White Dress.” On the right is the picture of mine–I’ve had it four years and have worn it several times. Just like a little black dress, one can truly do almost anything with a white dress. I did silver and crystal with it in this picture, but for my High School Reunion this weekend, I am pairing it with gold leather platform sandals and gold jewelry. I’m off to find a handbag. Gold might seem the natural choice, but that is just a bit too “matchy [..] read more

So Hot Will Melt Your Popsicle

I just returned from Chicago late last week after a week’s vacation. And yes, I can affirm–it’s hot there! I knew I’d be doing a lot of shopping, so I took along some casual dresses. I know this might sound dressy for vacation, but truly my dresses were the coolest items I wore. I’ve said it before, skirts and dresses are far cooler than pants. (I was baffled by women wearing jeans and maxi dresses!) Other pluses for these cotton knit sundresses: – They don’t wrinkle. I wore one of mine the last day of the trip and it didn’t [..] read more

Are your “shoes made for walkin'”?

Okay, it’s 2010. There’s just one thing I want to know. Why, with all of our technology, can’t the shoe industry make a really cute walking shoe? I’m getting ready for a trip to Chicago for shopping and sight-seeing later this week. Just last week I realized I haven’t made any improvements in my walking shoe wardrobe since I battled with it for Europe 2 years ago. To add insult to injury, not only do I need something for lots of walking, but I am also battling tendinitis in my ankle, so that cuts out certain styles as well. So [..] read more