Cool Accessorizing

Even when the heat is oppressive like today, it’s still important to your image to accessorize. I personally find that necklaces, especially statement pieces can be hot in the warmer months, (although mostly on really hot days when I’m out and about a lot.) Rather than foregoing jewelry altogether, why not go for an earring-bracelet combination. Stacks of thin bangles and other light weight bracelets are perfect when the mercury rises. For “off-work” times, leaving your neck bare with an open/low cut or strapless top or dress can be an almost surprising look, leaving you refreshed and cool! If you [..] read more

Retro Look-Classic Color Scheme

I got an e-mail the other day from Anthropologie and even after going to the web site haven’t been able to delete it. I absolutely love this look!  With this next statement, you’ll think I’m crazy, but I could never wear the sweater (wrong green-wrong pattern-too bulky,) and I’m not crazy about plaid. What I like is the color combination, black/white/green. (I typically wear more of a lime or apple green over the grass green.) It’s a classic color combo and can be worn year round; And it’s perfectly professional (business casual) to boot! The skirt? While I don’t love [..] read more

The Safe Way to Tan

Although I usually limit my blog to wardrobe topics, I have to share my favorite product with you! Jergens Natural Glow is an amazing way to “get a tan” without exposing your skin to harmful rays. It’s a combination moisturizer and self tanner. It’s light and works gradually, so if you’re not applying it evenly you can correct it more easily than with  normal self tanners. My skin tone is medium, and I naturally tan quickly, so I use the Firming formula for Medium to Tan skin tones. While cellulite isn’t a big concern for me, I have noticed that [..] read more

SATC 2-Do you Melt for Miranda’s Style?

More than any other Sex and the City character, Miranda’s style has evolved the most. In Sex and the City 2, Miranda, the no-nonsense lawyer and mother of the group is on vacation and at last able to let her hair down and loosen up from her suits. Although Miranda is still “the one who wears suits,” they’re beautiful suits and jackets with the gorgeous shoes the show is known for. In addition to suits, she wears elegant, work appropriate dresses in both silk and more substantial fabrics. As for Miranda’s off-work and vacation clothing, she has branched out into [..] read more