Michelle Obama’s Style or Not

I have to admit, I’m actually not a full time fan of Michelle Obama’s style. Sometimes she looks fantastic, sometimes she misses the mark completely and other times she looks just okay. I have Comcast as my home page, and today I couldn’t resist the headline, Pics: Michelle Obama’s Style. Today, I’d like to comment on Michelle’s choices: the good, the bad, and the just okay. I’m writing not to be a style critic but to illustrate some design concepts and share information that hopefully can be useful in every day dressing. The first outfit I’d like to comment on, [..] read more

Be Stylish in Comfort

Recently someone commented on my blog asking for more tips on being gorgeous and stylish without sacrificing comfort. As a personal, fashion consultant, I can’t say enough about the importance of being comfortable at work or personal pursuits. Truly, it’s practically impossible to concentrate on anything other than your waistline when your pants are too tight. Here are a couple of tips in regard to comfort. 1. Clothes that fit well are comfortable. I know this might sound trite, but I have so many clients who tell me their professional clothes are uncomfortable. Typically, what we find out is that [..] read more

My clothes were perfect!

I went to the conference; it was wonderful. My clothes were perfect! I wore the suit jackets during the day and at night put on the sweaters for a more casual look. Everyone LOVED the scarf you helped me choose. I so enjoyed the process of working with you. I must admit that at first I was worried, unsure of the whole process, but you made me feel so comfortable, explaining everything to me and helping me make  decisions. You definitely have a knack for style and finding the right fit of clothing. I’m looking forward to going shopping with [..] read more

I love to shop for shoes

Here are some ways to help you shop for shoes with ease! Shop for shoes late in the day when your feet are largest. If the salesperson tries to tell you that the shoes that are literally killing your feet will “break in” and become more comfortable, ignore her! Shoes should be relatively comfortable in the store. If a shoe isn’t fitting you just right, but you love it, it might not always be a lost cause. Ask the salesperson if they can add pads or stretch them in any way. As with clothing, if you find a pair of [..] read more

Break the shoe rules

I believe that when it comes to fashion, for every rule, there is a way to break it. Here are some ways to break out of a shoe rut and have some fun. Colorful shoes can add some much needed pizazz to a simple outfit. Here is the best way to wear shoes in a different hue from your skirt or pant hem.  Let’s say you are wearing a black suit, and you want to wear red shoes with it. It’s important to make sure that you’ve got red in a pretty substantial quantity close to your face, so that [..] read more