What is up with this weather?

What is up with this weather? Let’s face it; the weather in Colorado is out of control! Today’s April snow shower certainly makes a case for having a few basic, neutral colored, all weather garments in your wardrobe. Let me break it down a little bit. All weather fabrics could include tropical (lightweight) wool, cotton twill, or polyester/rayon blends. The key is to choose a few pieces that don’t scream “summer” like linen or extremely lightweight cotton. You also need pieces in your closet that that don’t scream “winter wonderland”. Neutral colors such as black, navy, taupe, camel, brown or [..] read more

3 ways to wear it

Yesterday I was shopping for a client at Nordstrom and complimented one of the sales associates, Katie, on her outfit. It was a printed cotton, sleeveless shift dress with white “jewels” at the neckline. What made it pop was that she had topped it with a fitted, denim jacket. Katie went on to tell me that they play a game called “wear it three ways.” She also told me she loves jean jackets and can play “wear it 90 ways” with the jacket. This got me thinking.  Because women are so busy, and it’s human nature, it’s easy to fall [..] read more

Summer Wedding Dressing

It’s just around the corner…wedding season! If you’ve recently received a wedding invitation and don’t have a thing to wear, here are a few pointers for choosing a special dress. The locale and time of day usually indicate the formality of dress. A morning or early afternoon wedding dictate slightly more casual attire. A tea length dress that makes you think “garden party” would be a great choice. Look to florals, pastels, mid-toned hues and brights. Stay away from black (more on this later,) and deep jewel tones. Seek out more sophisticated styles and colors for late afternoon, evening, and [..] read more

Steam away stress

A topic that has come up a lot lately with clients and friends is clothing maintenance. The biggest piece of advice I can give is that your clothes don’t need to be dry cleaned nearly as often as you think. Too frequent dry cleaning will destroy your clothes. In addition to saving my clothes, my biggest time saver is my Jiffy Steamer. I’ve had my steamer for a couple of years, and I can truly say that if I threw my iron away, it wouldn’t be missed. In the past when I needed to iron before work in the morning, [..] read more