Image Inspration

I just returned from the Association of Image Consultants International, (AICI,) Education conference that was held in San Francisco over the weekend. Although it’s always stressful packing for these events, I had a great time at the conference and made a number of new image friends. Most of all it is fun being around women who speak the same language, (fashion,) as I do. All of my new found friends are not only sharp, but inspiring. I love seeing how fashionable women of all shapes, sizes, and ages pull outfits together to uniquely bring out their personal style and personality. [..] read more

Stylin’ Ski Shells

Last Saturday I went skiing with my husband and all of my ski friends. I had one of my best ski days ever hitting the moguls and confidently skiing the trees. What do I attribute it to? First, I had worked out that week, so I felt strong. But more than anything, I attribute my confidence to my fabulous Patagonia Powder Bowl shell! Typically I wear a fleece jacket under my shell, but since the forecast was for 35-40 degree weather and lots of sun, I braved it and wore only my thickest base layer top. For the first time [..] read more

Verticals are your friends

I love camouflage dressing especially right after the holidays. Here’s how to use the element of Line to help you look sleek and chic! Think of your favorite striped pants. Chances are good that they have thin, subtle stripes. Narrowly spaced, vertical stripes and lines lead the eye up and down your body, making you appear taller and thinner. Widely spaced, thick vertical stripes with great color contrast move the eye across your body making it appear wider than it is.