Dana brought energy & charisma to her presentation

Dana, your talk was relevant to job seekers, young professionals and seasoned business professionals wanting to add polish and panache to their look. I’ve received great feedback on the energy and charisma you brought to your presentation and your knowledge of style and fashion. We’d love to have you back! Christine Pacheco, Assistant Director Career Services

Dana has such great style

Dana has such great style and everyone loved her insight into fashion and image! As career women, it is so helpful to hear a professional discuss what is–and what isn’t–appropriate to wear in different work environments. We all had a great time and learned so much! Beth Mitchell, Attorney at Law Ambler & Keenan, LLC

Foremost, Fit!

The other day, I was driving and saw a woman walking on the sidewalk. She appeared to be walking to the bus stop or to work. Being a bit of a purple freak, what caught my eye was her purple print blouse. (I’ll stop right now to say that I must have been at a stop light. I usually keep my eyes on the road.) So she was wearing an attractive purple print blouse and a pair of brown slacks, and she had great, thick curly brunette hair. It was a cute work outfit, except that it didn’t even begin [..] read more

Fashion Rocks 2008

After watching Fashion Rocks 5 last night, I think it should really be called “Rock Fashions.” After watching the program in the past, it seems like very little emphasis on fashion other than the stars looking FABULOUS! The best dress of the evening was worn by Mariah Carey. Click here to see Mariah’s dress and performance of “I’m that Chick.” Mariah has worked so hard to reclaim her great body. She looked about 10 feet tall the way the streaks of black ran up the sides of the dress, and I love how the black curves in at the perfect [..] read more

Dara Torres Models Inspring all Inverted Triangles

Photos – Olympic swimmer Dara Torres models at Fashion Week In this photo provided by Dan & Corina Lecca, The Charles Nolan spring-summer 2009 collection is modeled by U.S. Olympic medalist Dara Torres during Fashion Week Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008 in New York. (AP Photo/Dan & Corina Lecca) I was really excited to see a designer seeking a normal woman to model his clothing. Not that Dara Torres is your average woman! However, she’s not a skinny fashion model. She’s a world class simmer, and having a swimmer body, her shoulders are far wider than average. She has an inverted [..] read more