My husband and I went to the nursery yesterday to buy rose bushes. You see, our backyard is landscaped, but we have very few flowers. I had always heard that roses are a lot of work, but my father lately has been insisting they’re not. We were all excited to get the roses and finally have a beautiful backyard. So we went in the nursery, and although I’ve browsed through roses before, I suddenly felt as though I was in a foreign country. Looking through trying to decipher the types, etc. I got completely overwhelmed. My head was spinning and [..] read more

Parisian Suits

Even though most of the women I saw in Paris were dressed in a business casual mode, a few days into my trip, I saw a few women in suits. They were traditional pantsuits with an interesting twist. The women tied sweaters around their necks as was the popular ‘80’s style here in the U.S. The sweaters they were sporting around their necks appeared to be very slim styles made of very smooth, lightweight knits, probably cotton/silk blends. The few that I saw were light colors and were very carefully placed, folded and tucked just so, so that the sweater [..] read more

Eyes On France

One of the very first things I noticed in Paris is that far more people wear glasses than here in the U.S. Not knowing much French, (okay, barely any,) I wasn’t exactly able to converse with women to ask them why they’d decided to decided to wear glasses instead of contacts. Instead, I came up with some conclusions of my own. (Again, I can’t be sure if they’re correct.) First, it could be the expense. Glasses are generally more expensive up front, well, when you’ve got as many add-ons as I do. However, in the long run, with all of [..] read more

Jackets, Pants, and Shoes-Oh My!

Jackets are very popular in Paris. The most prevalent style I saw was a belted safari jacket, usually in linen or lightweight cotton. Belted jackets are fantastic for women with curvy or hour-glass figures! There were also a lot of military styled jackets, which the fashion magazines like to tout as hot for certain seasons, but truly, they’re never really out. The other style jacket that was highly visible was a cargo style made of sheeting cotton with a lot of double stitching and details. If linen isn’t your thing, a lightweight, neutral colored, cotton safari jacket, military jacket or [..] read more

French Scarves

It’s true what they say; every French woman wears a scarf. Most scarves I saw were linen, cotton, or rayon casual scarves, which in that Parisian chic way didn’t always match the outfit, but always looked fantastic. Although everyone had their own little twist, the scarves were mostly worn either like a muffler or as shown in the picture. Although I only had a cashmere scarf with me, I found the nice thing about it was that as the day warmed up, I could shed the scarf, and then in the evening, I could wrap it around my shoulders for [..] read more