Vogue figure types

I just received my April issue of Vogue. Typically, I love Vogue, and as an image consultant, I was excited to tear into it. The top teaser on the cover reads Perfect Fit-DRESSING FOR EVERY SHAPE FROM SIZE 0-16. I have to admit, I was sorely disappointed to find their 5 figure types: Tall Pregnant Thin Curvy Short Tall is not a body type! Of course, very tall women can have some challenges, especially finding pants that are long enough and things that are long enough in the torso and sleeves. The article is disappointing in that they simply profiled [..] read more

How to flatter a curvy, aka hour-glass, figure

The other day when I was pre-shopping for a client, a woman in her late teens or early 20’s struck up a conversation with me. (This is precisely why I only charge for two hours of pre-shopping.) The woman was very sweet and proceeded to tell me that she used to wear a size 8. Now she wears a size 18 and just doesn’t know how to dress her body anymore. She had a curvy figure, which is really just a euphemism for an hourglass figure, as you can see below. We’ve heard for years that the hour glass figure [..] read more

Love Your Shoes

During the Millionaire Mindset workshop the other day, I stressed that you should never buy anything your not head over heels, falling down drunk in love with! This includes shoes. Think about it. We have countless options of what we can wear as women, but to be socially acceptable and appropriate, we have to wear shoes. The thing that is great about shoes is that no matter how much you eat, your shoe size tends to remain fairly constant. Finding shoes to fit it leaps and bounds easier than finding pants or jeans to fit. And there are a lot [..] read more

Basic jewelry

With all of springs colorful clothing it’s best to downplay your jewelry and accessories. In other words, pair basic metallic and pearl jewelry with bright clothing. Or wear colorful jewelry with neutrals such as black and white. You’ll actually find that metallics are big trends in jewelry at the moment, so now is an especially good time to build or refresh your basic jewelry wardrobe. I’m not much of a “pearl girl”, but I’ve been loving this necklace: It’s modern, yet classic and basic. I personally can’t decide on the silver or the gold. I’m not the kind of image [..] read more

Etcetera Clothing

Last week, I gave a workshop with a good friend of mine, Patrice Barber, of Taylor Made Wealth Coaching. It was titled The Millionaire Mindset–Look like a Million, Think like a Millionaire. For my portion of the workshop, I shared my Top 10 Professional Shopping tips, and how to create a wardrobe that can make you look like a million bucks. The main premise of the workshop was that if you want to look like a million bucks and become like a millionaire, you have to plan. It doesn’t just happen. If you’d like to find out when the next [..] read more