Too Much Black!

The other day when I was giving a presentation, a woman asked me the question, “How can I stop myself from continually buying black?” She had prefaced the question by telling me that she has tons of black clothes in her closet, and she always intend to buy other colors when she shops. But then she always comes home with black. Me, in all black, with my friends Shelley and Corrinda. See how pretty Corrinda looks in pink! I had built a good rapport with the group, so I casually answered her, “Have someone follow you around the store with [..] read more

All in the Name of Beauty

I specialize in professional dress, but grooming is an important aspect of image. Today I thought I’d talk a little about beauty tips and products. The best skin care advice I’ve ever gotten is to wash your make-up off every night not matter what time you get in. For years, I didn’t really think it made a difference and I was pretty sporadic, but when I got engaged I knew I wanted my skin to be perfect for my wedding. I started the ritual, and voila! It really makes a difference. Before I started really taking care of my skin, [..] read more

Political Candidates Dress Strategy

I wanted to take a few minutes to comment on the attire of the U.S. political candidates’ attire on Saturday night’s New Hampshire debate. As I strongly believe in the power of image–using one’s clothing and image to convey messages that one wouldn’t normally say out loud, hopefully you can pick up some pointers that might help you with your success. I want to preface these comments by saying that with the fate of our nation in these candidates’ hands, image shouldn’t be on the forefront of their minds. They have image consultants (or should) to think about and advise [..] read more