Tighten up your winter hosiery!

If you’re looking for a quick update for you winter professional or casual wardrobe, think tights! They’re far more modern than pantyhose. They’re also warmer and much, much more comfortable. (If you don’t find them comfortable, try going up a size and they’ll stay up better.) I also find psychological comfort in the fact that I can easily tug them on, and I don’t have to worry about them running. Although tights are nothing new to fall fashion, here are a few ideas to change your look with tights. Add black tights and dressy boots to your basic business suit. [..] read more

Fashion for all ages

Just within the last week, I’ve heard the comment, “I’m not a teenager anymore, but I don’t want to dress like my grandmother, either–I can’t find any clothes,” several times. I can understand how women don’t think there’s anything out there for them between the ages of 23 and 97, but really you have the largest number of chic, wardrobe options. Here are a few tips to follow for finding stylish clothing that feels appropriate for your image. Extremes in styles tend to be the trendiest. You may feel more comfortable in classic styles in modern shapes. If you prefer [..] read more

I feel more confident…I’m dressed in the best way for my body.

Thank you for helping me with my image last week. Learning many specific “do’s” and “don’ts” to enhance my image was extremely helpful. I feel more confident each day knowing I’m dressed in the best way for my body. It is important to understand how I can best achieve different perspectives from my audience through my clothing. Amy S.

Dana respects your tastes and needs – both lifestyle and pocket book

I’m writing this testimonial letter to let you know that we have experienced Dana’s services and recommend her highly. She seeks to understand your tastes and needs. She respects your tastes and needs – both lifestyle and pocket book. She is technically knowledgeable about what looks good on what kind of figure and what is appropriate for your lifestyle. Lastly, she can help you get what you need at the best value for your budget. When Dana was finished working with me, all the junk was gone, I knew what I needed and had options for where to get it. [..] read more

Dana saved me a ton of time and stress

Dana has a wonderful way of helping you feel confident about your personal clothing style choices.  She started with a closet audit, so I could see all the items I already have with a new eye for mix and match, then she saved me a ton of time and stress by going shopping for me!  I met her at the store when she called, where she had a fitting room all decked out with the options, then helped me choose the right look and fit.  I’ve never owned a more attractive suit! Sara Davenport, Author & Health and Relationship Specialist