Let Your Image Speak Highly of You!

Studies show that people start forming impressions of us within mere seconds of first seeing us. In other words, your image speaks well before you ever get the chance to open your mouth. Without getting too technical, it’s all a matter of non-verbal communication. The good news is that you can control the impressions you make or the non-verbal messages you’re sending out. In professional situations such as an interview, sales call or important business negotiation, your professional appearance and non-verbal messages can help get you the job, sale or seal the deal. Here are a few general tips. -First [..] read more

Clustering-Enhance your Business Image!

As busy professionals, you’ve got a lot to juggle: your job, your boss, co-workers and employees, your home, family, and finally your image. Clothes, shopping, image…who has the time to think about it, not to mention the money? Good News! There’s a great wardrobe technique you should know about called clustering. It’s a concept all smart professionals can use. It saves time and money and helps you create a personal image that will enhance your professional image. A cluster is a small group of coordinated clothes. You may be thinking, “She must be talking about mix and match. I know [..] read more