I’m so excited that dresses are so hot this season! I know it all started with the wrap dress, which I never really got around to, not to mention I can’t afford the DVF’s. But there is quite a plethora of dresses on the fall market. I wore dresses as a little girl, but they were gone from fashion for years. The thing is…they’re so easy. One piece…pop it on and out the door you go! But back up one moment. You still need accessories. The great thing is, though as with the “little black dress,” or LBD, you can [..] read more

Fashion Tape!

Okay, so this isn’t anything absolutely new, but nevertheless very exciting to me, so I thought I’d share. Fashion Tape! It all started when I was at Victoria’s Secret the other day buying a bra to wear with a very low cut ABS dress I’m planning on wearing to a wedding in a couple of weeks. (This is actually the dress, however, I’m hoping my hair will look better!) I was very excited to find a great new strapless bra. I was also looking for accessories to go with my dress and had it with me, so I thought I’d [..] read more

Jewelry Organization

I was working with a client on Friday whose mother had come into town for an extended visit, and was organizing everything in sight. (I so wish my mom would do this!) Very shortly after I arrived at my client’s home, said mom whisked me into the enormous closet to showed me what she’d done with the jewelry. She had put cork board on the wall above the built in dresser. Then she had put in tons of push pins and hung the jewelry on them. Okay, so it’s a really simple concept, but it was amazing how organized it [..] read more

Scouting Fall Fashion

In just a few mere days, all of the Fall Fashion Preview issues of the fashion magazines will be hitting the newsstands! Admittedly, it’s a pretty exciting time of year for me. Although the magazines have been giving small glimpses of fall for most of the summer, September is when the big, thick, “bibles” hit. You may be wondering why I’m talking about this. It’s simple, one word, okay well two: Wardrobe Planning! By seeing the new trends and designer offerings, you can begin to get a good feel for what you need to update and complete your wardrobe. My [..] read more