Travel Wardrobe-a reality?

I am a big believer in the Cluster concept that I wrote about in a past post, and I use it a lot with my clothing. The thing is that I have a few clusters along with stand alone outfits and various pieces that mix and match but aren’t really part of a cluster. Okay, so it sounds like I have a huge wardrobe, but I don’t have nearly as many clothes as I used to have before I started my business and was trained by a woman who lives and dies by clusters. To get to my point…My husband [..] read more

Buy accessories you love.

I usually give the advice to only buy complete outfits, and don’t buy something unless you are absolutely certain you’ve got something at home to go with it. As I was getting dressed yesterday, I realized this doesn’t hold true for accessories. Here’s my advice on accessories. When you’re shopping and you see an accessory you absolutely, positively love, BUY IT! We all tend to gravitate towards our favorite colors or basic colors, so chances are very good that when you buy an accessory you fall in love with, it will work with several things in your closet. The thing [..] read more


If you have never been to SOL Lingerie in Cherry Creek North, you must go for a bra fitting. They are truly experts! I had bought lingerie there in the past, a pretty nightie and my wedding panties. And I had heard they were great for bra fittings, but I had no idea how many bras they have. Thousands! You see them when you head into the fitting room area completely off of the sales floor. There are hang bars with bras practically floor to ceiling that go on for miles. I worked with Lara, and here are a few [..] read more

More Wardrobe Essentials

Here’s a continuation of my recommended wardrobe “must-haves.” Black/Brown Pants: These are in addition to your suit pants. They’ll be a real work horse for you, so they’ll need to be dry cleaned more. It’s important to dry clean all of the pieces of your suits at the same time, so that one piece won’t become more faded than the others. I actually wear my brown pants more than my black pants. They’re my all time faves, and sadly are starting to wear out! I love brown with purple, teal green, turquoise, peacock blue, pink, and lime green. You can [..] read more

Wardrobe Basics

I was recently asked the question, “If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have ten pieces of clothing and three accessories, what would they be?” Wow, what a loaded question! The fact of the matter is, I don’t really have a pat answer of must haves. Everyone’s needs and tastes are completely unique. It’s truly impossible to suggest the same 10 items for all women. But wanting to be helpful, I’ve given some thought to my friend’s question and have come up with some ideas of garments in general that could be useful. However, if one [..] read more