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Yes, you can have a polished wardrobe that’s interesting, easy to mix and match and has enough variety, so you’ve always got the right thing to wear, leaving you relaxed and ready for anything.

And no matter what your body type or size, you can dress to flatter your figure.

And you can feel great about how you look when you leave the house and even when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at the end of the day.

And you can have all of this without spending every weekend at the mall or a fortune on clothes.

Oh! And you absolutely can have stylish yet comfortable shoes!

I can help! My name is Dana Lynch, and I’m Denver, Colorado’s top fashion consultant and personal stylist.

I have over a decade of experience helping successful, professional women create wardrobes they absolutely love. And if “love” feels a little strong for you, let’s just say a wardrobe that let’s you reflect your absolute best you!

You don’t have to struggle with your wardrobe anymore! Society sends out the myth that all women love to shop and we should instinctively know exactly how to dress ourselves. As a successful, professional woman, you’re brilliant at what you do, and like more women than you’d think, shopping for a perfect wardrobe and creating fabulous outfits just isn’t your thing.

The good news is that not only are all things wardrobe related my thing, but it’s my passion to help women like you…Create a wardrobe that reflects how amazing you are to help you be even more successful in the world!

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Ruth Brand“Working with Dana was an invigorating and super fun experience!”

I had an absolute blast filling out the pre-consultation questions, and the clothes Dana selected showed me that she had taken great care to listen to my answers.

We got an entire wardrobe of incredibly versatile things (which I would have never seen on my own) in two shopping trips. Not only that, the trips were FUN and so easy! Dana works with you in such a way that you also develop your own style profile, which is incredibly helpful when you’re out and about wondering whether or not to buy something; if you think it fits into the profile you created with Dana, great! If not, you save lots of time and lost money!

The best part is having Dana come over when you’ve bought all your new clothes.  Together we created almost 30 new outfits, complete with shoes and jewelry! We had such a blast, and I was very impressed with her creativity with putting the pieces together. Thanks, Dana, for taking the stress out of my shopping and putting the fun back into being a girl!

~ Ruth Brand, Opera Singer