Dive Into a Closet That's as Brilliant   as Your Career!

I help accomplished, on-the-move career women like you, swap 'what to wear' dilemmas for 'wow' moments, so your wardrobe matches your personality and supercharges your momentum towards your goals. 

Style meets success 

Picture this: a wardrobe that looks great and feels like it's telling your story. 

That's what I'm all about at Elements of Image. Think of me as your style-savvy friend who's here to help you mesh your personal and professional achievements into a wardrobe that's absolutely YOU. 

Experience the difference: personalized styling that turns your wardrobe into a statement of success.

Your time is precious, and shopping for the right clothes should be a joyful journey, not a tedious task. That's where my expertise shines. I work with you to streamline and elevate your closet, making sure every piece absolutely thrills you. Whether it's for commanding presence in the boardroom, on stage, or making an impression at social events, together we'll create a style that's effortlessly you – confident, sophisticated, and distinctively successful.

"Let's be honest, the right outfit can feel like a superpower. It's not just about fabric and trends; it's about feeling unstoppable."

– Dana Lynch, Founder of Elements of Image

Unlock your style potential 

hop on a Complimentary  strategy call with me, and We'll  Lay the foundation for your style evolution!

Looking for a wardrobe that speaks your success language? Let’s strategize how to get you there. Start your style transformation with a complimentary Bye Bye Boring Wardrobe strategy session. This is the first step towards a wardrobe that truly reflects who you are, all you've accomplished, and where you're going. 

Together, we'll explore your style aspirations and challenges, drafting a roadmap to a wardrobe that empowers and inspires you every day. This session is a gateway to a stylish new you, where confidence, style, and success intersect in the most beautiful way, so you can look as put together as you truly ARE! 

Fashion Freedom

Elevate your style with a seasoned, expert image & fashion consultant

Your wardrobe should shout out your success and style, not be boring or add stress. With me as your personal stylist, you can kiss those days goodbye. With closet edits, fun-filled shopping trips (where I find all the clothes!) and super cool digital wardrobe options, we'll make getting dressed easy and as comfy as cashmere, confidence in every stitch.

Closet Makeover

Chic Closet

Say goodbye to 'nothing to wear' mornings and hello to your favorite pieces and new combos, all organized and begging to be worn. 

1:1 Consulting

Total Wardrobe

 I'll guide you every step of the way to create a wardrobe that fits, flatters and makes you feel fabulous all day. I even do all the shopping!

Digitized Closet

Open Your Phone, Pick your outfits!

Get dressed in a snap with your entire wardrobe digitally curated for quick, stylish outfit options every morning right on your phone.

Hi, I'm Dana!

I'm a passionate style confidante, creative wardrobe guru, and fun-loving fashion fanatic, dedicated to helping you create a wardrobe that celebrates your professional and personal life.

Fashion is a way to bring out the best in people, and one of my greatest joys is when a woman’s face lights up when she loves how she looks and feels. It’s why I do what I do. I bring out confidence, one outfit at a time. My goal has always been to make fashion fun and personal, to create spaces where every garment is a favorite and every look feels like a win. 

Connecting with amazing women every day, I get to mesh my love for style with a knack for understanding what makes you unique. I'm here to help you find outfits that don't just fit, but shout out who you are and where you're heading. Whether it's a power suit for that big meeting or a casual chic outfit for weekend brunches, I ensure your wardrobe is a perfect mix of professional and playful, just like you. Let's create a closet that's not just stylish but also a real joy to dive into every morning!


Will you be one of my success stories?

Your style, elevated

Let's create looks that banish the boring and make you feel amazing!

Let's chat about turning your closet into your happy place! Book a complimentary Bye Bye Boring Wardrobe strategy session with me, and see how the right clothes can skyrocket your confidence and bring extra spark to your day. It's time to finally create  a wardrobe that makes you look like the amazing, put together woman you are!