Jo Mattoon, Coach and Consultant

“Dana has cured my shopping blues.”


5I had one of those birthdays with a zero at the end. I had also built a successful business and felt like how I showed up did not match the quality of my work and my personal style.   Add to that I always felt I was missing the “girl gene” for shopping and picking clothes. I knew something had to change and I did not know how to fix it on my own. Thank goodness for Dana! Dana has taught me so much in such a short time.

Her approach to learning about me and my style was fun and got us to my desired look quickly. I get to look more professional while keeping my laid-back style. Now when I walk into a client’s office I know my style matches my work and that makes me more confident.

It was also a huge relief to have Dana help me cull my closet. I used to dread looking in there but now it is a treat… junk is gone and I have all sorts of great options from which to choose. I believe “Dr. Dana” has cured my fear of shopping. I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to go forward and shop with confidence. I can highly recommend putting Dana on the job. Thanks Dana!

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Jo Mattoon, Coach and Consultant
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