The Safe Way to Tan

Although I usually limit my blog to wardrobe topics, I have to share my favorite product with you!

Jergens Natural Glow is an amazing way to “get a tan” without exposing your skin to harmful rays. It’s a combination moisturizer and self tanner. It’s light and works gradually, so if you’re not applying it evenly you can correct it more easily than with  normal self tanners.

My skin tone is medium, and I naturally tan quickly, so I use the Firming formula for Medium to Tan skin tones. While cellulite isn’t a big concern for me, I have noticed that the “firming,” seems to work, and my cellulite is virtually invisible.

Another plus of the product is that it helps hide spider veins–important if you’re skipping nylons with skirts. Also, the bottles says it takes a week to work, but I get pretty good color in about three days.

Lastly, Natural Glow doesn’t have that overpowering “self tanner smell!” (You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever used self tanner!) I don’t notice a scent at all, but my husband thinks it smells like Chicken in a Biscuit (crackers)??

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