The Little Black Sequined Skirt

On Saturday, I participated in the Best Ever Holiday Extravaganza benefiting Warren Village. As my contribution to the event, I did a presentation on dressing for the holidays. My first idea was to show a little black dress accessorized in a variety of ways, but then I found the cutest “little black sequined skirt”, (LBSS,) at Ann Taylor and decided it would be a lot more useful and fun!(Don’t let these pictures throw you off. Both pieces are much cuter than they appear here. I think Ann Taylor should let me style their photo shoots!)

Since shine is such a big trend for fall, there are ways to wear this skirt pre and post holiday season.

I love mixing dressy items with casual pieces. So I combined the skirt with a black, cashmere, faux wrap sweater, black tights and black, high boots. It’s all about mixing up textures that make this modern look interesting. This is a dressy look that’s not over-the-top. It would be perfect for an office party, dinner party or dinner out at a romantic restaurant.

The next look is inspired by an article I saw in Vogue, written by one of their fashion editors. She paired the skirt, (well actually hers was a mini-skirt,) with a white blouse and a big slouchy sweater. She wore it with thick tights and chunky shoes. It makes a great weekend look. In spite of the sequins, it’s casual.

For my presentation, I paired my skirt with a long sleeved black t-shirt from the Loft, a black DKNY rayon blazer that I’ve had for a few years, and the same tights. (Charcoal or aubergine tights could be cool, too.) I belted my waist with a black patent belt and changed to short, suede boots. I felt very fashionista!

Last but not least, I paired the skirt with this magenta INC top I’ve been coveting for a couple of months now. (I got the last one at the store!) For this look, I’d shed the tights and change to strappy, sparkly sandals. It’s truly a fun look that will really go to any dressy occasion except for all but the most traditional, black-tie affair. (The top shown obviously isn’t the exact top, but it’s similar.)


For my presentation, I actually made my changes in front of the group, so if you have a variety of events in one evening that you’d like different looks for, you can too. I started with a stretchy, black camisole under the sweater, then layered the t-shirt and blazer over it, then changed to the dressy top, popped off the cami straps and wriggled the top down over my hips. I also loved that any of the tops I used can also be worn with jeans, so if you had a super, casual event, you could even change from the LBSS to jeans!

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