Stylin’ Ski Shells

Last Saturday I went skiing with my husband and all of my ski friends. I had one of my best ski days ever hitting the moguls and confidently skiing the trees. What do I attribute it to? First, I had worked out that week, so I felt strong. But more than anything, I attribute my confidence to my fabulous Patagonia Powder Bowl shell!

Typically I wear a fleece jacket under my shell, but since the forecast was for 35-40 degree weather and lots of sun, I braved it and wore only my thickest base layer top. For the first time ever, I didn’t feel bulky! I was perfectly warm and comfortable all day, too.

If you’re ever in the market for outdoor wear, I can’t recommend Patagonia enough. Besides making most of their pieces from recycled pop bottles, they carry a lifetime warranty on all of their products. They also just really pay attention to the details. For example, my Patagonia long underwear pants are the only ones I own that don’t have bulky seams on the inside of the ankle.

In my opinion, a windproof, water resistant shell is the only way to go for a ski jacket. When it’s cold, you can layer a fleece jacket underneath it, and it’s as warm as any poly filled coat. Should you get a little warm as you’re working your way through the bumps, you can unzip the ‘pit zips’ or ditch the fleece altogether. On a warm day, a long underwear top will keep you plenty warm. I love the versatility of a shell, and I especially love that I don’t have to decide which jacket to take to the mountains.

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