How to dress a short torso

I can honestly say that many of my clients, regardless of their height, have short torsos. More commonly you’ll hear it referred to short waisted. I am included in this group of fabulous women. If you’re still unsure of what this means, basically the length from your shoulders to your natural waist is shorter than average. If you’re short torso’d, you usually know it.

Clothes can often be difficult to fit. For example, when you try on a pull over sweater, you get bunching in the torso; it’s especially evident from the back. Another garment that can be hard to get to fit right is dresses. A lot of dresses will have a fitted waist. If your torso is short, again you’ll get bunching or bagging.  Or you may have the urge to pull up on the shoulders and exclaim, “There, now it’s perfect…if my shoulders were just 2 inches higher!”  (Yes, I do it sometimes.)

Don’t despair! I have an option you might not have thought of. First, even if you are average height, consider checking out the petite department for tops and dresses. I went shopping Saturday and found a great Tahari cardigan…in the petite department! I’m 5’6”, and believe it or not, the sweater is still a tiny bit long. I have a hard time believing this sweater is really going to fit many true petites.  I almost wonder if it was mis-marked.  The sleeves come right to my wrist bones, which might be a tiny bit short, and would definitely be too short if it were a jacket. In reality, long sleeves kind of bug me, and these will most likely get pushed up. Overall, I feel like I hit the jackpot!

As I mentioned earlier, be sure to check out petite dresses. I bought my best fitting dress ever from the Nordstrom petite department in California, eleven years ago when I was getting married. The dress appeared to be made for me! Petite dresses will be shorter in the torso. They’ll be shorter in the skirt as well. I often prefer my skirts a bit above the knee. If the dress is too short for you, you may have the option of letting the hem down, making it a perfect fit for you!

If you’re short waisted or short torso’d, I can’t promise that petites will fit you every time, especially if you are averaged height, but it’s certainly worth checking out to save you what can be a costly alteration.

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7 comments on “How to dress a short torso

  1. great tips! i am short-waisted as well…although very tall…so if i’m looking for a top or sweater that doesn’t have long sleeves…i can usually find a perfect fit in the petites…but if it has long sleeves…i’m usually out of luck as they are too short…same with dresses…

    i had to laugh at the dress comment…the only way dresses fit for me is “after” i’ve pulled the shoulder up about 2″…alterations can fix that right up!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Elena. I actually haven’t bought too many petite items, as the arm holes are usually a little small, but then I have big shoulders, so that may be why. Well, sure I can get that alteration done, but that’s my test to see how it will look. I would really have to love the dress before I’d buy it and alter it. I spent a fortune on alterations on that red dress that is in the Elements of Image facebook profile pic, but it is so cute! I hope I haven’t changed sizes too much this winter!

  3. This is a really good article and not just for those that are “short waisted.” I’m 5’6″ and have a long torso as well as extremely long arms but in misses, I’m a size 2. I have found it extremely difficult to find 2’s in the misses departments and have resorted to buying items in the petit department. I obviously can’t wear a petit pair of pants or tops, but I can often times get petit skirts to work because of how they fall at the waist. I’m a fan of shorter skirts so it works out perfect. This article just goes to show that the size on the tag doesn’t always mean anything…explore the different departments and you’ll be surprised at what may fit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You bring up some great points, Sloan. I should also point out to readers that many times the sizing isn’t the same in petites as it is in missy. For example, sometimes if you wear a 2 in missy, you might wear a 4P in petites. Petite sizes can also be a solution if a 4 missy is too big and a 2 missy is to small. A 2p might be perfect. Experiment with sizes.

  5. So this is a great site! At 58 my tummy is starting to poke out and I have filled out a bit. I am 5’ 5” and weigh 125 but now I know I am short waisted! From my head to waist is 24” but my inseam is 31”. My arms are really short so Ina,ways do better with petite tops. My question is how to dress my bottom half to draw attention to my long legs and minimize my belly bump and short torso!

    1. Hi Susan,
      Sorry for the delay in my answer. Now you know that you should leave your tops untucked, that will help minimize your tummy. Also make sure you’re not wearing your tops too tight. Check out this post, to learn more about dressing for your body type. You should find a few tips on how to flatter your legs. Plus you may just want to type “body type” in the search on the right hand side of the page and all of the posts should come up.

  6. I also have trouble with pants on a short torso. I need the length in the leg that comes with regular size pants so I can’t go with a petite on the bottom, but the regular waist often ends up way too high unless there is a ‘low rise’ option. I hope low rise never goes out of style?

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